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Olmstead Point Milky WayGlacier Point Milky Way-7291Trona PinaclesRed Rock Canyon Comp Milky Way1 Bristlecone Pine Milky Way_MG_3026-EditLoon Lake 2B7A1330-1-2mCrystal Basin 2B7A1371-18C3A0400v3Tuolumne Meadows with Air Glow 8c3a0739 w-layers starspikesTuolumne Meadows with Air Glow 8c3a0768 SkyPeering into the center of the Galaxy 572-5732014-5-25 Tahoe Milky Way_Panorama1Tuolumne River and the rising Milky Way 8139IMGL9831 v1IMGL9857 v1Loon Lake IMG_8394-1Persied Meteor - Loon Lake - IMG_9148Loon Lake - IMG_9151Loon Lake with Persied Meteor - IMG_9181-2